Liuhua Compliant Tower Design Completed

OTL has participated the final review of the Liuhua Compliant Piled Tower (CPT) Pre-FEED conducted by CNOOC RI in Beijing. Since the midterm review, on top of establishing the CPT feasibility for Liuhua field, OTL has performed optimization design of the CPT to enhance the dynamic performance and reduce the steel weight of the CPT significantly. OTL’s proposed CPT design has several features improved from previous CPT designs. OTL has delivered all project documents satisfactorily, and has passed the final review by CNOOC.

OTL The TAD Technology Leader

OTL continued to lead the TAD (Tender Assisted Drilling) technology development. OTL is currently working on multiple TAD-related projects for different clients, aiming at develop TAD technologies and promote the use of TAD in West Africa and Gulf of Mexico environment.


TAD technology has been successfully used for many field development in Asia, including Murphy Oil’s Kikeh Spar offshore Malaysia, Shell’s Malikai TLP Malaysia, Chevron’s West Seno A TLWP offshore Indonesai and Chevron’s Tombua Landana Compliant Tower offshore West Africa. Application of TAD will greatly simplify the platform’s topside design as most of the drilling loads will be located on the TAD vessel rather than on the production platform itself.


Murphy Front Runner Spar Expansion

OTL has recently acquired multiple work orders from Murphy Oil to assist Murphy Oil’s expansion on Front Runner Spar Platform located in Gulf of Mexico. OTL will perform a FEA strength and fatigue analysis to study the feasibility of using the existing future I-Tube connection for a SCR subsea tie-back. OTL will also verify the topside deck strength and particularly the capping beam strength for the new workover rig to be used on the platform.

OTL Awarded Another Deepwater Jacket Project

April 2019, OTL won the third party independent verification contract from CNOOC Research Institute (CNOOC RI) for the Lufeng 15-1 and Lufeng 14-4 deepwater jackets. Located in water depth of 286 m in typhoon prone area in South China Sea, Lufeng 15-1 jacket will be one of the very tall jackets in the world and the tallest in Asia with heavy topside. OTL glad to win the contract through open bid process. OTL’s wining of this contract after the winning of the 330 m water depth Liuhua 11-1 Compliant Tower Pre-FEED project marks the industrial recognition of OTL’s deepwater fixed platform design capability.

Compliant Piled Tower Feasibility for CNOOC Liuhua Field Established

March 2019, the Mid-Term Project Review on the Liuhua Compliant Tower Pre-FEED at OTL Houston office by a CNOOC delegation led by Chief Engineer Mr. Zhigang Li has been conducted. OTL presented the design results for the configuration and feasibility cycles, and have had deep technical discussions with client on various design processes, issues and conclusion. OTL’s work so far concluded that Compliant Piled Tower concept is feasible for the CNOOC Liuhua field development and CNOOC delegation agreed. OTL is striding to the next optimization cycle and expect a better configuration can be reached with significant steel saving. Compliant Tower concept is an advanced very deepwater fixed offshore platform concept requiring high knowledge and skill for the analysis and design.


Quality! Quality!

OTL has again successfully passed the ABS ISO 9001:2019 audit. It is OTL’s commitment to develop and maintain a system enabling OTL to deliver high and trackable quality works to our clients.


Murphy Medusa Spar

OTL has acquired multiple work orders from Murphy Oil to assist Murphy Oil’s workover activities on Medusa Spar Platform located in Gulf of Mexico. OTL’s scope of works including the strength verification of platform capping beam under the new rig, strength verification of the rig skid shoe, drilling equipment tie-down design, design of a dropped down work platform to access the BOP during the workover operation, as well as the strength verification of the Medusa topside deck.