Advanced Structural Analysis

OTL is fully capable of performing complete fixed and floating structural analyses and design. We cover global and local strength and fatigue analyses, as well as buckling analyses for in-place and various pre-service conditions for both linear and non-linear structural systems. 

Fully Non-Coupled Deepwater Multi-Body Analysis

OTL's knowhow and experience with tools for fully non-coupled deepwater multi-body integrated hydrodynamic analysis is exceptional within the offshore industry. We use HARP (Hull and Riser/Mooring Program), one of the most powerful tools on the market, jointly developed by our own Chief Naval Architect. 

Global Sizing Tools for Floaters

OTL is one of the few companies in the industry to have developed and owned a full set of global sizing tools for various floaters. We can quickly perform concept selection studies and establish unbiased recommendations at the early stage of field development.