Spotlight: Simon Deng, OffshoreTech's new Deputy Marine Lead

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Simon Deng from Marine Engineer to Deputy Marine Lead of OffshoreTech China!

Mr. Deng has been a part of the company for nearly four years, since it's earliest days. At the time, he was the only marine engineer at our Shenzhen, China location and a fresh graduate with a Masters in Naval Architecture. As a student at South China University of Technology, he studied vehicular hydrodynamics and sub-hull structural strength analysis.

About his experiences, he says, "At the very beginning my first project was the San Gabriel Jacket Design. I felt great interest and passion working on the engineering of jacket transportation and installation. I have done many other projects but that one is my favorite memory at OTL." Since that first project, Mr. Deng has been an integral member of OffshoreTech's Naval Architecture department, participating in the company's keystone marine projects such as the Malikai TLP and the BPZ Horton Wison Buoyant Tower. 

On this promotion, Mr. Deng tells us, "It brings me confidence along with the higher requirements of being a better engineer. What is more, I will be leading some of the upcoming projects and acting as a mentor to the newer engineers. I feel happy about this promotion, and I hope for our company to be further promoted in the field of offshore oil and gas." 

Furthermore, he expresses his gratitude towards other OffshoreTech members for their help and support over the years. Congratulations to Mr. Deng for this recent success, with hope for more in the future!